Thursday, June 19, 2008

She's B-aaaaaaa ccccc kkkkkkkkkkk

Finally, I've figured out the blog thing. Or at least as I beginner I THINK I have. lol
I want to do this b/c for me it's more of a releasing of my inner talk. I enjoy reading other blogs ... makes me feel like there's so much more out there than my own little Debbie World.

Current projects are a priority today and for the next few days for one crafting company. Making samples for a host to use on QVC/HSN to advertise some clear stamps. Also working on Wood mounted stamp set projects to be shown at CHA summer. Wonder where that is this year? Son is at his Technology Day Camp learning Video Editing (suppose he should be doing the blog for me!) so now's the time to get this stuff done! But no, I'm blogging instead. At least I've made it to the correct room! I'd like to add the slideshow element with my past project photos but can't figure out how to load from my computer... it doesn't give me that option in slideshow.
I like the Blogs better than Facebook. You can't really talk much in Facebook... it's all those "bumper stickers" and "pokes" and whatnot.

Just returned from Pebble Beach and San Francisco. It was wonderful. Colder than Atlanta though that's for sure! Saw quite a few homeless people.

Worked outside the first night back and now have over 120 mosquito bites on my legs!!! ICK! I'm one big itchy scratchy mess! I figure God is punishing me for tying one on the night before we left. Ah well... you play you pay, right?

Turned 42 last week. A couple more aches and pains added to the list. That sucks. I think I will just tell people I'm 39 for a while and then change it to 40 when I really start looking old. HA! Nothing a little botox and restalin can't fix or fill! (Note to self: look into this dammit!)

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