Friday, October 22, 2010

No Time For Creativity Today?

Well, today I "just don't have the time". So, in order to send my daughter a Halloween card at her dorm, I am recycling. I receive a hand-stamped card each and every holiday from a dear friend who used to be my next-door-neighbor. I'm sure she won't mind (will you Christine?) that I am recycling her Halloween card by adhering it to the front of a regular white card. Now, I can open the card and add my own message to my daughter.
Hey, Christine, if you want me to remove this I will, but kudos to you for a FANTASTIC job on the Halloween card!!!  She's used embossing, stamping, and punches to create this fun holiday masterpiece!  :o)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well, guess that New Years Resolution was a TOTAL bust!!

Yeah, right... "To Blog More Often". WTH was I thinking? HA! It's been 10 months!!! So I really do want to get back into the swing of blogging. There have been a lot of projects and a lot happening. Guess that's why I let my blog take the back seat (actually riding on the roof.... didn't even get the back seat).

Have a new camera that I adore and I'm trying to learn all the ins and outs of it's features. (See photos above)

Here are some latest projects:

Album I made for my bestest friend about her dog Lucia (She calls her Lucia Tuna....long story).

Spider Cup Cake Picks

Jack O Lantern Cup Cake Picks

Owl Party Goody Bags
Ladybug Party Goody Bags

So, now I have "blogged". I will have more to say the next few days with an organized project and thoughts. ROFLMAO

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Resolution - To Blog More Consistently

Oh man! To try to not allow the beautiful, sunny, warm weather here in Cincinnati Ohio get me "down", I've committed myself to some sewing projects and decorating projects around the house.
(Note: I am being sarcastic )
By "committed" I mean I have already purchased materials, so I certainly can't back out at this point. And I don't have the excuse of "it's a beautiful day; why be inside when I can be outside and enjoy the sun!" - NOT!  It has raised above freezing here today, so I suppose that's something.

First project: Get Cornice Boards and side drapes installed in Master Bedroom.
This is a monsterous project when working with 30 to 40 pound wooden cornice boards. And when you are only one person with two arms. There are now too many holes in the walls from my errors; but at least they are hidden! LOL No one will know until the cornice boards and drapes come down..... except you of course!

Now, check out the light window versus dark window....that tells you that this project of installation took MANY HOURS!  Ah well.  Done!
Now on to Next Project: the Master Bathroom Windows and shower. I'm making two window treatments and a shower curtain with valence. I'm eventually going to have a frameless shower door installed but with some recent expenses, that's on hold for a short while.  Wish me luck! I will post my results here!

Friday, November 6, 2009

We've Moved Cards

I wanted to make really cute stamped "We've Moved" cards and send them to everyone we know. Then I realized I'd be finishing that up at the same time Christmas cards needed to be sent out; so I came up with a one card to serve both purposes!

Stamped the horse drawn sleigh going from one house to another :o) Message says: "There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays"

Then inside says Merry Christmas and We've Moved. I'll be attaching a piece of cardstock at that area with our new address and contact numbers.

Clever - even if I do say so myself!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heading North From Hot-Lanta (Atlanta)

Well, we're moving. It's not simple like the word - moving. Oh no. Not simple in the least.
We're moving from wonderful warm Atlanta to Cincinnati Ohio.
First there were all the career and salary negotiations... then we moved to finding someone to list the house.... then listing the house..... dropping the price of the house...... negotiations to sell the house..... house inspection, termite inspection, appraisers.... Move to "Looking for a house to move into".... lots of the "moving" word but still nothing has actually changed location. Four days of looking at houses non-stop. Making offers, negotiating price and adjustments due to repairs needed, inspectors, radon inspectors, termite inspectors,..... negotiating the repairs to the new home..... mortgage rates...... (sigh) Are you tired of reading all this by now? Probably... I'm tired of writing it.... tired of thinking about it.... and tired of living it. And still we haven't moved.
Then I meet with the movers to make their "judgement" of the weight of all our possessions being moved - Under 20,000 pounds I'm told. Means so little. Negoatiating with the moving company for two packing days, one loading day, one driving day, and finally one unloading day.
(more sighs coming from my side) Haven't even mentioned (yet) the un-enrolling from school here and re-enrolling my son in school. The new school thinks I should just leave my movers on the move-in day and stroll over to get him enrolled. It will take them two days to process his paperwork.... so he is basically get two more days off..... I cannot leave the house - with movers there alone -- to go enroll my child in school. Are they kidding? Obviously have never moved before when they have a working spouse. WTH?
"Hey movers, put stuff where ever you think it goes.... don't worry about me... I rearrange 20,000 pounds of furniture 'later' ". Duh.

I'm putting off doing any renovating to the house before moving in. It was a grandious idea to begin with. How could I possibly get all that organized when I don't even live there yet? So, I've opted to the less stressful option.... just move the heck in and get settled then figure out how to get all new carpet, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, and a fence to keep the pooches from roaming/running away. Not that they would want to - they are spoiled rotten. Ask my husband.

We close supposedly in two weeks. Then we'll move from Atlanta one week later. Hubby is coming home to help this time. Last time, I moved in with just me and my son (and the dog of course). I had to sit on the lawn (on my birthday) in 100 degree weather and do the inventory of all the furniture for the moving guys. Son waited inside trying to tell them where to put everything. That's another WTH. Don't you think. Don't worry. I made it plain and clear to the relocation company that was NOT acceptable. I didn't run off to the liquor store until later when they dropped my cherry bedroom furniture down the front stairs, taking chunks out of the drywall and chunks out of the furniture. That's when I discovered the local liquor store "Pops". They've been a godsend ever since that hanus (sp?) day.

So, at least I won't be expected to have a 'decked out' Halloween house this year. I'll be the newbie on the block. Those kids will be lucky if I have the candy to give them! HA! Never fear - i always come through in a bind... I just do. Bet you've had those situations yourself.

As an uplifting creative endeavor, I'm searching out a unique way to make my "We've Moved" address change cards. Any ideas, send them my way!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life Is Short, So Wear Your Party Pants

Oh, to have been a party planner......

In today's economy, it doesn't seem necessary to most people. But think about it. What better way to get a postive attitude about your life than to have a party wth your friends?

We could all sit around moaning and groaning about the economy, the healthcare initiatives, or in my case, the real estate market. Whatever.

We still, as friends, should be able to come together and enjoy life. Just read: "Life Is Short So Wear Your Party Pants". Definately a required read for those pessimists out there.

I tend to lean to the optimist side, so I pull out the book every now and then when I feel low, or beaten, or trod upon. It was a great investment!

There's the obvious that Margaritas would have to be served. But what else?

I thought of the beach....

Considered Jimmy Buffett songs.....

A Slice of Lime Golf Contest - hitting a lime up to the golf hole in the backyard. Closest to the pin wins. Hubby s a spectacular golfer; so he wasn't allowed to win. Who'da thought lil' ol' me would win? After the perfectionish neighbor had to resign that I'd beat even him --- I was pronounced the winner. This goes against my own party rules; but it would be rude of me to argue with my guests!

Another game/challenge during the party was - The Lost Shaker of Salt. How fun is that! We had a winner! And it wasn't me! ROFLMAO!

Party began at 7 with a characture artist and believe it or not; lasted until around 5 a.m. Those of you who partied all night and are reading this - You Know Who You Are!

Sweet Tooth Goodies straight from your grandma's oven

Friends recently ventured on their own business/website. I had the honor of helping with the set-up for their "introduction to the public" party!

These sweets are to die for! I personally adore the Grandmother Vioria's Butter Pound Cake which virtually melts like sugar and butter in your mouth! It Is Exquisite!

All family recipes are used; you won't find this great stuff in stores! (Not yet anyway!) :o)
Check it out:

Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Party Favors: There are these cute Ducky cupcake toppers. You can even use them in a slice of cake that's been cut, just pop it in there and everyone thinks what a WONDER you are that you came up with this idea!
The diaper favor "bags" can be done in blue for baby boy or pink or yellow.... I will even make these adorable diapers in any preference that you have. Fill with a fun candy and wah...lah.....
The paper diapers are embellished with mini safety pins, ribbon, and colored pearls (like gems but are smooth).
Get all this and more for your next Baby Shower!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ladybug Party Supplies

The Ladybug Party theme is almost complete. First I have the Ladybug Goody Bags. You can either make them at the party as an 'activity' or you can have them pre-made.

Next is the Ladybug Party Invitations which come as a set of 6. The wings open up to reveal the party particulars inside.

Ladybug Cupcake Toppers are in this theme. Cute as can be!

There all is offered Ladybug Thank You notes - set of 6.

And of course, party hostess has to have the Ladybug Happy Birthday Card to add to the main gift.

Finally, is the Ladybug Gift Bag - comes with all the ribbons, tag, and tissue paper.

A Happy Birthday Banner with the Ladybug Party theme is on the way. Just a few things to add and it will be listed on etsy as well.

It's a whole party themed and complete! "

Other themes are "Presents & Polka Dots", "Polka Dots", "Pirates", "Camo", "Baby Shower", "Baby Boy", "Baby Girl", "Halloween" and on and on when my imagination gets going!

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