Saturday, July 25, 2009

Face In Hole

Have you found this site yet? It's called:
Face In Hole !
Just upload your photos into a multitude of situation backgrounds and this is what you get!!!
I also made myself into a Hooter's Girl!

Crafting While Trying To Move

Moving. Ugh, right? Well, it's not so bad. I figure it's a new canvas for me to work on.... my hubby says I'm just bored with this house now. I've done all my projects. (I haven't but I won't tell him that!)
I do like having projects; a PURPOSE.

So I've been working on recent craft projects without a craft room. I had to pack everything away to make my "studio" back into a "bedroom" for potential buyers. Sigh. Now, work is popping up and my trusty ole' craft supplies are packed away in boxes in the garage. Hope I find the two (yes I said only TWO) beads that I need from that whole mess.

I'm actually working on projects for Fall and Christmas of 2010. Yep, that's how far in advance all this stuff is designed and prepared for manufacturing.

Received a GORGEOUS vase of flowers today from the new division of the company my husband is moving for. That's a nice sign.... they appreciate the WOMAN behind the goings-on/work at home. :o)
Husband will be moving to Cincinnati ahead of the family. He starts in a few weeks and our house isn't even up for sale yet! EEK! He will travel back to Atlanta on weekends. We've got a temporary living expense being reimbursed so that's okay but I planned on SAVING that cash to put into the new house. Oh well... so much for what I wanted. He's gotta live somewhere, right? Boy, don't I sound crass......just tons going on.
I want to post some of my recent projects but am not sure about privacy rights. Some things are not in production yet. Plus other things haven't hit the internet sites yet. I'll hold off until I know they are out there and then I'll post them here. Just for you!

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