Wednesday, February 25, 2009

King Kong is AT my house; so I made a Fabric Covered Jewelry Storage Board

Okay so, we have to have a new roof on our house; no matter that the roof is only like 8 years old. They're SUPPOSED to last much longer (or so I'm told). Extreme wind and hail damage but even before the wind and hail that damn things been flying off a chunk at a time. Shingles are like Roof Poo in my yard (always there and pretty annoying). It sounds like ole' King Kong is doin' the happy dance ALL day long. I sit here blogging because what else am I to do? My car is trapped in the garage. Dare I back it out with thousands of nails and shingles in the driveway? I think not!!!

So you get a feel for my glorious day: dogs barking incessantly. House shaking. LOUD thuds and jolts! I'm afraid to trot on down to the mailbox, with my penchant for foot injuries, I'd probably step on a rusty nail! Loud engine coughing every so often. I'm a very jumpy person when it comes to unexpected things! If my hubby comes in the back door after work; I'm in the house screaming until my little mind grasps that "hey, I know that guy!". It's crazy, I know! So, two days of this and I'll be ready for the Friday night cocktail hour for sure! LOL! I tried to do my Jillian Michaels work out game on wii but with men walking around the house everywhere, I don't think I want to share that "specialness" of seeing me bouncing around like a kangaroo on crack.

It's time for a craft project! That'll work! So, what have I been wanting to do for a long time and never gotten around to? Stupid question; okay, rephrase: What would I like to do to totally waste some time? Crafting: It's inside activity and it'll give me something fun to post here. So, I'm off..... I'll post the project in a few.
Fabric Covered Jewelry Storage Board - I'll be hanging this in my closet near my clothes so I can easily add bling to my outfit of the day. This project only cost me a little over $6 (for the hooks) since I had everything else on hand :o)

Materials Needed: piece of wood, fabric, trim, craft glue, staple gun, drill, drill bit, cup hangers
Step 1. Get a piece of board the size you want (I think this is pressed board). Lay it over your fabric to cut the size you will need. I had this fabric left over from a window treatment.
Step 2. Using a staple gun, staple down the four corners and then all remaining edges.

Step 3. Flip board over and position where you want all your 'jewelry' hooks placed.

Step 4. Using the cup hooks and a drill, drill holes (with the bit size specified on the cup hanger package) in the board right over the fabric. It will work!

Step 5. Screw in all the cup holders.

Step 6. Add trim with Craft Glue or a glue gun would work as well.

And you're done! Please note: I would not store your Mikimoto pearls on this... it's intended for the costume jewelry items only.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Beaded Hanging Hearts

And here's the Beaded Hanging Hearts Kit for sale in Hobby Lobby as well over Valentine's Day. Right now, it can be found in the clearance aisle unless they are already sold out. ;o)

Beaded Egg Kits

This is the beaded egg kit which is currently being sold in your local Hobby Lobby! Makes 6 eggs but only 2 on shown on the front of the packaging.

Back to the Present - What I'm working on

I cannot believe I have let this blog just slip through the cracks. Well, I'm back on the horse now and will be riding regularly with new craft projects and ideas to share! Recently while walking through Hobby Lobby, lo and behold, there looking right at me was a beaded project I designed! I had totally forgotten that they would be in stores and there it was.. in the Valentine's Clearance Isle. Aweee.... I'm sure there were more designs so I'm off to the other Hobby Lobby near me to search and rescue any more that I find. I like to keep a package for my own personal "trophy case" I suppose you could call it. It's really a blue plastic storage bin found at any Wally World or Tarjay but for me.... it's a trophy case of all my accomplishments. ;o)
All these design projects are done a year or more in advance so that's why it so easily left my mind.
There will be Easter beading kits also if I remember correctly. Keep your eye out... They are manufactured by Toner Crafts and will say designed by Jeff McWilliams Design on the back of the package. Ah... to figure out how I can have my OWN name printed on that package.

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