Friday, November 6, 2009

We've Moved Cards

I wanted to make really cute stamped "We've Moved" cards and send them to everyone we know. Then I realized I'd be finishing that up at the same time Christmas cards needed to be sent out; so I came up with a one card to serve both purposes!

Stamped the horse drawn sleigh going from one house to another :o) Message says: "There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays"

Then inside says Merry Christmas and We've Moved. I'll be attaching a piece of cardstock at that area with our new address and contact numbers.

Clever - even if I do say so myself!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heading North From Hot-Lanta (Atlanta)

Well, we're moving. It's not simple like the word - moving. Oh no. Not simple in the least.
We're moving from wonderful warm Atlanta to Cincinnati Ohio.
First there were all the career and salary negotiations... then we moved to finding someone to list the house.... then listing the house..... dropping the price of the house...... negotiations to sell the house..... house inspection, termite inspection, appraisers.... Move to "Looking for a house to move into".... lots of the "moving" word but still nothing has actually changed location. Four days of looking at houses non-stop. Making offers, negotiating price and adjustments due to repairs needed, inspectors, radon inspectors, termite inspectors,..... negotiating the repairs to the new home..... mortgage rates...... (sigh) Are you tired of reading all this by now? Probably... I'm tired of writing it.... tired of thinking about it.... and tired of living it. And still we haven't moved.
Then I meet with the movers to make their "judgement" of the weight of all our possessions being moved - Under 20,000 pounds I'm told. Means so little. Negoatiating with the moving company for two packing days, one loading day, one driving day, and finally one unloading day.
(more sighs coming from my side) Haven't even mentioned (yet) the un-enrolling from school here and re-enrolling my son in school. The new school thinks I should just leave my movers on the move-in day and stroll over to get him enrolled. It will take them two days to process his paperwork.... so he is basically get two more days off..... I cannot leave the house - with movers there alone -- to go enroll my child in school. Are they kidding? Obviously have never moved before when they have a working spouse. WTH?
"Hey movers, put stuff where ever you think it goes.... don't worry about me... I rearrange 20,000 pounds of furniture 'later' ". Duh.

I'm putting off doing any renovating to the house before moving in. It was a grandious idea to begin with. How could I possibly get all that organized when I don't even live there yet? So, I've opted to the less stressful option.... just move the heck in and get settled then figure out how to get all new carpet, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, and a fence to keep the pooches from roaming/running away. Not that they would want to - they are spoiled rotten. Ask my husband.

We close supposedly in two weeks. Then we'll move from Atlanta one week later. Hubby is coming home to help this time. Last time, I moved in with just me and my son (and the dog of course). I had to sit on the lawn (on my birthday) in 100 degree weather and do the inventory of all the furniture for the moving guys. Son waited inside trying to tell them where to put everything. That's another WTH. Don't you think. Don't worry. I made it plain and clear to the relocation company that was NOT acceptable. I didn't run off to the liquor store until later when they dropped my cherry bedroom furniture down the front stairs, taking chunks out of the drywall and chunks out of the furniture. That's when I discovered the local liquor store "Pops". They've been a godsend ever since that hanus (sp?) day.

So, at least I won't be expected to have a 'decked out' Halloween house this year. I'll be the newbie on the block. Those kids will be lucky if I have the candy to give them! HA! Never fear - i always come through in a bind... I just do. Bet you've had those situations yourself.

As an uplifting creative endeavor, I'm searching out a unique way to make my "We've Moved" address change cards. Any ideas, send them my way!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life Is Short, So Wear Your Party Pants

Oh, to have been a party planner......

In today's economy, it doesn't seem necessary to most people. But think about it. What better way to get a postive attitude about your life than to have a party wth your friends?

We could all sit around moaning and groaning about the economy, the healthcare initiatives, or in my case, the real estate market. Whatever.

We still, as friends, should be able to come together and enjoy life. Just read: "Life Is Short So Wear Your Party Pants". Definately a required read for those pessimists out there.

I tend to lean to the optimist side, so I pull out the book every now and then when I feel low, or beaten, or trod upon. It was a great investment!

There's the obvious that Margaritas would have to be served. But what else?

I thought of the beach....

Considered Jimmy Buffett songs.....

A Slice of Lime Golf Contest - hitting a lime up to the golf hole in the backyard. Closest to the pin wins. Hubby s a spectacular golfer; so he wasn't allowed to win. Who'da thought lil' ol' me would win? After the perfectionish neighbor had to resign that I'd beat even him --- I was pronounced the winner. This goes against my own party rules; but it would be rude of me to argue with my guests!

Another game/challenge during the party was - The Lost Shaker of Salt. How fun is that! We had a winner! And it wasn't me! ROFLMAO!

Party began at 7 with a characture artist and believe it or not; lasted until around 5 a.m. Those of you who partied all night and are reading this - You Know Who You Are!

Sweet Tooth Goodies straight from your grandma's oven

Friends recently ventured on their own business/website. I had the honor of helping with the set-up for their "introduction to the public" party!

These sweets are to die for! I personally adore the Grandmother Vioria's Butter Pound Cake which virtually melts like sugar and butter in your mouth! It Is Exquisite!

All family recipes are used; you won't find this great stuff in stores! (Not yet anyway!) :o)
Check it out:

Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Party Favors: There are these cute Ducky cupcake toppers. You can even use them in a slice of cake that's been cut, just pop it in there and everyone thinks what a WONDER you are that you came up with this idea!
The diaper favor "bags" can be done in blue for baby boy or pink or yellow.... I will even make these adorable diapers in any preference that you have. Fill with a fun candy and wah...lah.....
The paper diapers are embellished with mini safety pins, ribbon, and colored pearls (like gems but are smooth).
Get all this and more for your next Baby Shower!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ladybug Party Supplies

The Ladybug Party theme is almost complete. First I have the Ladybug Goody Bags. You can either make them at the party as an 'activity' or you can have them pre-made.

Next is the Ladybug Party Invitations which come as a set of 6. The wings open up to reveal the party particulars inside.

Ladybug Cupcake Toppers are in this theme. Cute as can be!

There all is offered Ladybug Thank You notes - set of 6.

And of course, party hostess has to have the Ladybug Happy Birthday Card to add to the main gift.

Finally, is the Ladybug Gift Bag - comes with all the ribbons, tag, and tissue paper.

A Happy Birthday Banner with the Ladybug Party theme is on the way. Just a few things to add and it will be listed on etsy as well.

It's a whole party themed and complete! "

Other themes are "Presents & Polka Dots", "Polka Dots", "Pirates", "Camo", "Baby Shower", "Baby Boy", "Baby Girl", "Halloween" and on and on when my imagination gets going!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Arggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! And I'm Not Getting Myself In Character for the Pirate Party. I just returned from Michael's

Yes, you heard (read) me right. I just returned from Michael's which is USUALLY a pretty simple task. I'm a devoted customer of Michael's but today really sent me over the edge. I also produce samples for craft companies which are seen in their displays, produce craft kits which have been for sale in Michaels' stores. So, keep this in mind.

I had a coupon for 25% off my ENTIRE purchase (sale and reg. price) from 4 to 8 p.m. so, naturally, I tried to get everything on my crafting list. I have a good sized list and I'm not MADE of money, so I was keeping tabs on my spending total. I get to the cashier, it's 4:10.... no problems.... she's ringing me up after I tried to buy a Cricut refill blade and she kept telling me my other 40% off coupon couldn't be used for a blade replacement b/c the machine simply reads "Cricut" and decides that I'm trying to use a coupon on a $400 machine... of which... I am not. Nonetheless, I need the blades, so we proceed to put those blades into my entire order which is going to be 25% off. Right? Wrong.

My total comes to $56.00. (I'm rounding off for the simplicity of explaining this menagerie cluster ****). Well, register takes off $5.63 .. huh? Shouldn't it be like over $12.00? Okay, cashier is confused and tells me "well, that's what the register says it is, so I guess it's right".
Me: "no offense, but I can do math, and that's not nearly the 25% off".
She stares blankly at the register.
After about 2 minutes and punching on the same coupon button:
Me: "Maybe you should call a manager who can override all that and make it correct."
Cashier: calls another girl over to look at it.
Other girl: "Well, I'm no good at Math, I don't know..."
Miscellaneous woman interrupts my 'already too long' stay in this place. I'm starting to shvitz already! Are people staring? Grrrr......
Woman: "Excuse me, excuse me please! There's no toilet paper in ANY of the stalls in the womens' rest room".
Cashier: stares at register
Other cashier girl: Looks blankly at woman... waits about 15 seconds then says: "I'm sorry, we're totally out of toilet paper."
Then she proceeds to speak to someone (not clear who... maybe the gods above) that "she's got to actually GO to the store to buy toilet paper, and they get it from corporate and she's on a budget you know!".
What the heck? (That's me talking in my head now).
Other girl tells cashier to call manager.
Cashier stares at register for another 30 seconds.
Me: "Can I have a calculator and I'll tell the manager exactly what the 25% is so he can save some time".
I am given the calculator.
I figure the 25% is $14.00. Well LO AND BEHOLD... I happened to be correct!!!! The Customer is correct? No way!!!
Calls Manager.

Manager: saunters over. Tells cashier to input it manually if it doesn't work the 2nd time.
Then cashier starts unpacking my four bags of items to re-ring up every single thing. GRRRR...
Oh look! She puts in the coupon code and it does the same amount $5.63!~~~~
Cashier: stares at register for about 45 seconds, pecking at the one key which isn't working anyway.
Me: Maybe you should get the manager back over here.
Cashier: Sighs.
Manager again saunters over. Acts as if I'm just someone causing problems.
Me: "Don't you think it's really odd that it happened to me? I'll bet if it happened this time for no apparent reason then it must've happened to other people too and no one took the time to figure out what their 25% discount should've been."
Manager ignores my statement; manually inputs what 25% was that I had figured out with the help of a handheld calculator which I asked for. And off he goes.

Now, you may think I'm just a complainer. No sir! Not at all! I had sympathy for the cashier thinking maybe she was new. But, to stand there staring blankly at the register... doing nothing was more than I could take. Call the damn manager, KEEP him there to show him the register situation, and have him fix it!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!

Left with my four bags of stuff packed abruptly into two bags the second time and needed a stiff drink. Geez. Think I should write a letter? Doubt it, they'll probably just stare blankly at the piece of paper and then finally decide to throw it away. :oP

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Paper Party Creations

My new venture: Paper Party Creations ( a division of The Creative Cocktail! hee hee!)
I am designing handmade party favors/party accessories for your own events! I will have cupcake toppers, banners, gift bags, thank you notes, invitations, and more. All for events such as: Baby Shower, Ladybug party, Princess Party, Pirate Party, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Girly Birthday (Presents & Polka Dots), Boys Birthday. Also will be featuring Goody Bag Creature Creations. I'll make it all just for your event; making it a truly unique day!

Any other suggestions, just send me a note! I'd love to hear them all!

By the way, still in the process of trying to move. House is not moving.... not showing... nothing. It's very frustrating. So, I'm putting all that pent up energy into my creations!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Face In Hole

Have you found this site yet? It's called:
Face In Hole !
Just upload your photos into a multitude of situation backgrounds and this is what you get!!!
I also made myself into a Hooter's Girl!

Crafting While Trying To Move

Moving. Ugh, right? Well, it's not so bad. I figure it's a new canvas for me to work on.... my hubby says I'm just bored with this house now. I've done all my projects. (I haven't but I won't tell him that!)
I do like having projects; a PURPOSE.

So I've been working on recent craft projects without a craft room. I had to pack everything away to make my "studio" back into a "bedroom" for potential buyers. Sigh. Now, work is popping up and my trusty ole' craft supplies are packed away in boxes in the garage. Hope I find the two (yes I said only TWO) beads that I need from that whole mess.

I'm actually working on projects for Fall and Christmas of 2010. Yep, that's how far in advance all this stuff is designed and prepared for manufacturing.

Received a GORGEOUS vase of flowers today from the new division of the company my husband is moving for. That's a nice sign.... they appreciate the WOMAN behind the goings-on/work at home. :o)
Husband will be moving to Cincinnati ahead of the family. He starts in a few weeks and our house isn't even up for sale yet! EEK! He will travel back to Atlanta on weekends. We've got a temporary living expense being reimbursed so that's okay but I planned on SAVING that cash to put into the new house. Oh well... so much for what I wanted. He's gotta live somewhere, right? Boy, don't I sound crass......just tons going on.
I want to post some of my recent projects but am not sure about privacy rights. Some things are not in production yet. Plus other things haven't hit the internet sites yet. I'll hold off until I know they are out there and then I'll post them here. Just for you!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day In the lah la laaaaa

Remember Mr. Rogers... if any of you are my age, you KNOW you do! "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... won't ... my .... neighbor?"

Ah, had a great yet quick (had to pick up my son at school) lunch with a beautiful friend. We had an in-depth discussion (between chewing yummy morsels from Never Enough Thyme) about the qualities of a true friend, friendship, and how to tell who you really connect with in this life.

We all know who we have connections with. I find it interesting and frustrating sometimes because I am an extrovert...especially with close pals (or of course after a few margaritas! LOL)
My husband has a difficult time fulfilling my "friendship" type needs... All others are well met though... have no fear (I don't want him to read this and think I'm 'dissing' him). I so very need a close girlfriend who I can share all my worries, concerns, griping about our kids or our husbands, happy times, and boring times with. I really miss that. I had a couple of fantastic girls in Ohio (Renee & Christine) when we lived there who I still remain in contact with to this day. We haven't seen each other in 5 plus years, but I'm sure, when ever we meet up again, nothing will have changed.... maybe our hair color, hair style, weight, and a few added "experience" lines but everything else will just kick back in to our connection with one another.

I want my BFF and her hubby (who will happen to really get along with my husband) to stop by unexpectedly. I want them to come over and watch movies... have drinks... play card games (we especially like Sequence)... sit on the patio and talk with a fire going.... hang out in each other's driveways during dusk.... Yada Yada Yada {This is were I wake up}

Sounds like a fairy tale friendship, huh? Well, I'm sure it's out there for me.... it's just not the right time in our lives or something. Who knows.

So for now, I will continue with my daily life... be super nice to every new possible friend I meet and hope that the sparks will fly when the time is right.

tina werner: big news... blog candy alert!!!

tina werner: big news... blog candy alert!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ah.... finally my Creative Juices at Work!!!

Finally got a phone call for some work to do!!! No one can call me lazy; that's for sure! I am working on projects for Fall/Winter/Holiday 2010! Yep, that far in advance is how it rolls!
Can't divulge the details.... don't want competitors to find out. :o)

The economy has really slowed down the "creative biz". Companies watching their budgets decide they don't need samples of items.... they cut their costs that way. But for me (and quite a few creative buds of mine) that is not good news.

Next personal project is pending.... I'm thinking a sanity wheel that I can just spin to my heart's content and it will tell me whether to admit myself or keep plugging away in the chaotic world of parenthood. It would be like The Price Is Right wheel! spinning, spinning, spinning.

I went to a party recently at a local candle making shop. Had a fab time and realized... "hey, I can do this!". Like I need ONE more hobby!!! Arrrggggghhhhhh! Plus, it cost me over $100 for about 7 candles of varying size. I found some information about using your old candles (you know the ones that burned incorrectly and have all that wax domed around the tunnel down the center which burned?)to make new ones.... just would have to buy new wicks and probably a mold or two. I'll keep you posted how it goes. That may be a summer break project with my kids.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Prom Time Again

Yep, it's that time again.... when you go out to eat with your significant other and have to wait for a table behind a bunch of overdressed (and sometimes Over "Made Up") teens. HA! Ah, High School Prom, the night we all strive to be the Perfect Night (well, until we're older anyway. Then we aspire for our Wedding Night). Silky dresses, glitzy jewelry, flower corsages, a meal out (without your parents) and a night to dance away.....then parties until the wee hours.

Last week, I was in a crunch for making Prom Jewelry since I had not even seen the Prom Dress of note. It is purple this year by the way. Here's what I slaved over so my little girl (not so little any more) will look GLAM on the night of her Junior Prom.
This is a Scalloped Necklace with AB Swarovsky Crystals, along with the dangle earrings with AB Clear Crystals & Clear Crystals as well (various sizes from 3mm to 6mm). Tennis Bracelet to end the look at her wrist. :o)
Great fun and hope she gets to wear to for more than this one occasion!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's An Easter Egg Tree ! (no laughing please)

Here it is! Finally! I used a wood piece base ($2), White Floral wire ($1.50) White Floral Tape ($1.60), white spray paint(.99), Alene's Craft Glue, Acrylic green and white paints, flat back gems.

What should my next project be? Send me a message with suggestions.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

King Kong is AT my house; so I made a Fabric Covered Jewelry Storage Board

Okay so, we have to have a new roof on our house; no matter that the roof is only like 8 years old. They're SUPPOSED to last much longer (or so I'm told). Extreme wind and hail damage but even before the wind and hail that damn things been flying off a chunk at a time. Shingles are like Roof Poo in my yard (always there and pretty annoying). It sounds like ole' King Kong is doin' the happy dance ALL day long. I sit here blogging because what else am I to do? My car is trapped in the garage. Dare I back it out with thousands of nails and shingles in the driveway? I think not!!!

So you get a feel for my glorious day: dogs barking incessantly. House shaking. LOUD thuds and jolts! I'm afraid to trot on down to the mailbox, with my penchant for foot injuries, I'd probably step on a rusty nail! Loud engine coughing every so often. I'm a very jumpy person when it comes to unexpected things! If my hubby comes in the back door after work; I'm in the house screaming until my little mind grasps that "hey, I know that guy!". It's crazy, I know! So, two days of this and I'll be ready for the Friday night cocktail hour for sure! LOL! I tried to do my Jillian Michaels work out game on wii but with men walking around the house everywhere, I don't think I want to share that "specialness" of seeing me bouncing around like a kangaroo on crack.

It's time for a craft project! That'll work! So, what have I been wanting to do for a long time and never gotten around to? Stupid question; okay, rephrase: What would I like to do to totally waste some time? Crafting: It's inside activity and it'll give me something fun to post here. So, I'm off..... I'll post the project in a few.
Fabric Covered Jewelry Storage Board - I'll be hanging this in my closet near my clothes so I can easily add bling to my outfit of the day. This project only cost me a little over $6 (for the hooks) since I had everything else on hand :o)

Materials Needed: piece of wood, fabric, trim, craft glue, staple gun, drill, drill bit, cup hangers
Step 1. Get a piece of board the size you want (I think this is pressed board). Lay it over your fabric to cut the size you will need. I had this fabric left over from a window treatment.
Step 2. Using a staple gun, staple down the four corners and then all remaining edges.

Step 3. Flip board over and position where you want all your 'jewelry' hooks placed.

Step 4. Using the cup hooks and a drill, drill holes (with the bit size specified on the cup hanger package) in the board right over the fabric. It will work!

Step 5. Screw in all the cup holders.

Step 6. Add trim with Craft Glue or a glue gun would work as well.

And you're done! Please note: I would not store your Mikimoto pearls on this... it's intended for the costume jewelry items only.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Beaded Hanging Hearts

And here's the Beaded Hanging Hearts Kit for sale in Hobby Lobby as well over Valentine's Day. Right now, it can be found in the clearance aisle unless they are already sold out. ;o)

Beaded Egg Kits

This is the beaded egg kit which is currently being sold in your local Hobby Lobby! Makes 6 eggs but only 2 on shown on the front of the packaging.

Back to the Present - What I'm working on

I cannot believe I have let this blog just slip through the cracks. Well, I'm back on the horse now and will be riding regularly with new craft projects and ideas to share! Recently while walking through Hobby Lobby, lo and behold, there looking right at me was a beaded project I designed! I had totally forgotten that they would be in stores and there it was.. in the Valentine's Clearance Isle. Aweee.... I'm sure there were more designs so I'm off to the other Hobby Lobby near me to search and rescue any more that I find. I like to keep a package for my own personal "trophy case" I suppose you could call it. It's really a blue plastic storage bin found at any Wally World or Tarjay but for me.... it's a trophy case of all my accomplishments. ;o)
All these design projects are done a year or more in advance so that's why it so easily left my mind.
There will be Easter beading kits also if I remember correctly. Keep your eye out... They are manufactured by Toner Crafts and will say designed by Jeff McWilliams Design on the back of the package. Ah... to figure out how I can have my OWN name printed on that package.

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