Thursday, January 21, 2010

Resolution - To Blog More Consistently

Oh man! To try to not allow the beautiful, sunny, warm weather here in Cincinnati Ohio get me "down", I've committed myself to some sewing projects and decorating projects around the house.
(Note: I am being sarcastic )
By "committed" I mean I have already purchased materials, so I certainly can't back out at this point. And I don't have the excuse of "it's a beautiful day; why be inside when I can be outside and enjoy the sun!" - NOT!  It has raised above freezing here today, so I suppose that's something.

First project: Get Cornice Boards and side drapes installed in Master Bedroom.
This is a monsterous project when working with 30 to 40 pound wooden cornice boards. And when you are only one person with two arms. There are now too many holes in the walls from my errors; but at least they are hidden! LOL No one will know until the cornice boards and drapes come down..... except you of course!

Now, check out the light window versus dark window....that tells you that this project of installation took MANY HOURS!  Ah well.  Done!
Now on to Next Project: the Master Bathroom Windows and shower. I'm making two window treatments and a shower curtain with valence. I'm eventually going to have a frameless shower door installed but with some recent expenses, that's on hold for a short while.  Wish me luck! I will post my results here!

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