Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life Is Short, So Wear Your Party Pants

Oh, to have been a party planner......

In today's economy, it doesn't seem necessary to most people. But think about it. What better way to get a postive attitude about your life than to have a party wth your friends?

We could all sit around moaning and groaning about the economy, the healthcare initiatives, or in my case, the real estate market. Whatever.

We still, as friends, should be able to come together and enjoy life. Just read: "Life Is Short So Wear Your Party Pants". Definately a required read for those pessimists out there.

I tend to lean to the optimist side, so I pull out the book every now and then when I feel low, or beaten, or trod upon. It was a great investment!

There's the obvious that Margaritas would have to be served. But what else?

I thought of the beach....

Considered Jimmy Buffett songs.....

A Slice of Lime Golf Contest - hitting a lime up to the golf hole in the backyard. Closest to the pin wins. Hubby s a spectacular golfer; so he wasn't allowed to win. Who'da thought lil' ol' me would win? After the perfectionish neighbor had to resign that I'd beat even him --- I was pronounced the winner. This goes against my own party rules; but it would be rude of me to argue with my guests!

Another game/challenge during the party was - The Lost Shaker of Salt. How fun is that! We had a winner! And it wasn't me! ROFLMAO!

Party began at 7 with a characture artist and believe it or not; lasted until around 5 a.m. Those of you who partied all night and are reading this - You Know Who You Are!


  1. Who is he and what kind of meat is in that sandwich he's wearing?

  2. This is a guy I found at the Jimmy Buffett concert dressed as a "Cheeseburger In Paradise" and I asked him for a photo. That's it. Nothing more. :o)


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