Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heading North From Hot-Lanta (Atlanta)

Well, we're moving. It's not simple like the word - moving. Oh no. Not simple in the least.
We're moving from wonderful warm Atlanta to Cincinnati Ohio.
First there were all the career and salary negotiations... then we moved to finding someone to list the house.... then listing the house..... dropping the price of the house...... negotiations to sell the house..... house inspection, termite inspection, appraisers.... Move to "Looking for a house to move into".... lots of the "moving" word but still nothing has actually changed location. Four days of looking at houses non-stop. Making offers, negotiating price and adjustments due to repairs needed, inspectors, radon inspectors, termite inspectors,..... negotiating the repairs to the new home..... mortgage rates...... (sigh) Are you tired of reading all this by now? Probably... I'm tired of writing it.... tired of thinking about it.... and tired of living it. And still we haven't moved.
Then I meet with the movers to make their "judgement" of the weight of all our possessions being moved - Under 20,000 pounds I'm told. Means so little. Negoatiating with the moving company for two packing days, one loading day, one driving day, and finally one unloading day.
(more sighs coming from my side) Haven't even mentioned (yet) the un-enrolling from school here and re-enrolling my son in school. The new school thinks I should just leave my movers on the move-in day and stroll over to get him enrolled. It will take them two days to process his paperwork.... so he is basically get two more days off..... I cannot leave the house - with movers there alone -- to go enroll my child in school. Are they kidding? Obviously have never moved before when they have a working spouse. WTH?
"Hey movers, put stuff where ever you think it goes.... don't worry about me... I rearrange 20,000 pounds of furniture 'later' ". Duh.

I'm putting off doing any renovating to the house before moving in. It was a grandious idea to begin with. How could I possibly get all that organized when I don't even live there yet? So, I've opted to the less stressful option.... just move the heck in and get settled then figure out how to get all new carpet, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, and a fence to keep the pooches from roaming/running away. Not that they would want to - they are spoiled rotten. Ask my husband.

We close supposedly in two weeks. Then we'll move from Atlanta one week later. Hubby is coming home to help this time. Last time, I moved in with just me and my son (and the dog of course). I had to sit on the lawn (on my birthday) in 100 degree weather and do the inventory of all the furniture for the moving guys. Son waited inside trying to tell them where to put everything. That's another WTH. Don't you think. Don't worry. I made it plain and clear to the relocation company that was NOT acceptable. I didn't run off to the liquor store until later when they dropped my cherry bedroom furniture down the front stairs, taking chunks out of the drywall and chunks out of the furniture. That's when I discovered the local liquor store "Pops". They've been a godsend ever since that hanus (sp?) day.

So, at least I won't be expected to have a 'decked out' Halloween house this year. I'll be the newbie on the block. Those kids will be lucky if I have the candy to give them! HA! Never fear - i always come through in a bind... I just do. Bet you've had those situations yourself.

As an uplifting creative endeavor, I'm searching out a unique way to make my "We've Moved" address change cards. Any ideas, send them my way!

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  1. How about an image of a moving box with wings for your address change cards? Flying among the clouds? I can draw it for you :D


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