Sunday, August 16, 2009

Arggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! And I'm Not Getting Myself In Character for the Pirate Party. I just returned from Michael's

Yes, you heard (read) me right. I just returned from Michael's which is USUALLY a pretty simple task. I'm a devoted customer of Michael's but today really sent me over the edge. I also produce samples for craft companies which are seen in their displays, produce craft kits which have been for sale in Michaels' stores. So, keep this in mind.

I had a coupon for 25% off my ENTIRE purchase (sale and reg. price) from 4 to 8 p.m. so, naturally, I tried to get everything on my crafting list. I have a good sized list and I'm not MADE of money, so I was keeping tabs on my spending total. I get to the cashier, it's 4:10.... no problems.... she's ringing me up after I tried to buy a Cricut refill blade and she kept telling me my other 40% off coupon couldn't be used for a blade replacement b/c the machine simply reads "Cricut" and decides that I'm trying to use a coupon on a $400 machine... of which... I am not. Nonetheless, I need the blades, so we proceed to put those blades into my entire order which is going to be 25% off. Right? Wrong.

My total comes to $56.00. (I'm rounding off for the simplicity of explaining this menagerie cluster ****). Well, register takes off $5.63 .. huh? Shouldn't it be like over $12.00? Okay, cashier is confused and tells me "well, that's what the register says it is, so I guess it's right".
Me: "no offense, but I can do math, and that's not nearly the 25% off".
She stares blankly at the register.
After about 2 minutes and punching on the same coupon button:
Me: "Maybe you should call a manager who can override all that and make it correct."
Cashier: calls another girl over to look at it.
Other girl: "Well, I'm no good at Math, I don't know..."
Miscellaneous woman interrupts my 'already too long' stay in this place. I'm starting to shvitz already! Are people staring? Grrrr......
Woman: "Excuse me, excuse me please! There's no toilet paper in ANY of the stalls in the womens' rest room".
Cashier: stares at register
Other cashier girl: Looks blankly at woman... waits about 15 seconds then says: "I'm sorry, we're totally out of toilet paper."
Then she proceeds to speak to someone (not clear who... maybe the gods above) that "she's got to actually GO to the store to buy toilet paper, and they get it from corporate and she's on a budget you know!".
What the heck? (That's me talking in my head now).
Other girl tells cashier to call manager.
Cashier stares at register for another 30 seconds.
Me: "Can I have a calculator and I'll tell the manager exactly what the 25% is so he can save some time".
I am given the calculator.
I figure the 25% is $14.00. Well LO AND BEHOLD... I happened to be correct!!!! The Customer is correct? No way!!!
Calls Manager.

Manager: saunters over. Tells cashier to input it manually if it doesn't work the 2nd time.
Then cashier starts unpacking my four bags of items to re-ring up every single thing. GRRRR...
Oh look! She puts in the coupon code and it does the same amount $5.63!~~~~
Cashier: stares at register for about 45 seconds, pecking at the one key which isn't working anyway.
Me: Maybe you should get the manager back over here.
Cashier: Sighs.
Manager again saunters over. Acts as if I'm just someone causing problems.
Me: "Don't you think it's really odd that it happened to me? I'll bet if it happened this time for no apparent reason then it must've happened to other people too and no one took the time to figure out what their 25% discount should've been."
Manager ignores my statement; manually inputs what 25% was that I had figured out with the help of a handheld calculator which I asked for. And off he goes.

Now, you may think I'm just a complainer. No sir! Not at all! I had sympathy for the cashier thinking maybe she was new. But, to stand there staring blankly at the register... doing nothing was more than I could take. Call the damn manager, KEEP him there to show him the register situation, and have him fix it!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!

Left with my four bags of stuff packed abruptly into two bags the second time and needed a stiff drink. Geez. Think I should write a letter? Doubt it, they'll probably just stare blankly at the piece of paper and then finally decide to throw it away. :oP


  1. All America has got going for it is the Service Industry...and we suck at that, too

  2. Yes! And you'd THINK with so many out of work that the "job they do" would seem more relevant. Apparently not.


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